Secondary Bag Filter
Extended Surface Pocket Filters With Layered, Meltblown Synthetic Media

High-loft, layered, meltblown synthetic media improves performance. Low resistance and high dust capacity. Easy installation for most industries.
Ultrasonically sealed pocket spacers and edges

Available in four efficiencies: MERV15(90-95%*), MERV14(80-85%*), MERV12(60-65%*), and MERV8(40- 45%*)

Advantages of FinePak
Designed for Performace
  • Sturdy leak-free pocket design
  • Includes ultra sonic sealing
  • Interlocked support frames
High Dust Holding Capacity/Low Resistance
  • Bag inflates as air enters and compress when air exits
  • Provides high dust capacity
  • Reduce Filter Resistance
Applicable to Variable Wind Velocity
  • Filter Bag supported with Galvalume Steel Wire, able to withstand up to 2.5m/s recommended Air Velocity for most system requirements.

Basic Structure & Specification

Material GI/AL/SUS
Depth 21/25/46mm
Media Multilayer Unique synthetic film
Supporting Galvanized Steel Wire
Max Operating Temperature 70°C
Efficiency MERV8- MERV15
Recommended Final Resistance 450Pa