RadiCel HEPA BOX is gasketed and Gel-Seal airtight modular unit, allow easy replacement of filter rom Air leaving side.
RadiCel HEPA BOX is designed for wide usage in the field of technical of Semiconductor, LCD panel, Precision machinery, optics, hospitals, pharmaceuticals and other various industries.

Advantages of RadiCel HEPA BOX
Unique Box Structure
  • High Quality cold-rolled steel (electrostatic spray) or stainless steel plate
Air Tight Design
  • Special air tight design, welded and sealed with tested sealent treatment
  • Factory 100% leak proof test
Sturdy Filter Clamps
  • Integrated steel clamps locking filters in place, effectively eliminate air leakage
Filter Testing Port
  • Can be used for filter testing in the existing cleanroom; by introducing the atmosphere dust or aerosols
  • Pressure testing capabilities to determine filter life span
Easy Installation
  • Compact light weight box structure, designed for installation onto ceiling T grid system or ceiling suspended type
  • Filters can be easily installed or replaced from the room sides