RadiFan AC FFU is a self-contained unit use in a turbulent and unidirectional flow type clean room. It is designed to suit all ceiling grid systems. In accordance with different needs and requirements, it can be easily raised and integrated into any structure and ceiling grid system to upgrade and achieve different Cleanroom classification.

Advantages of RadiFan AC FFU
Self-contained Fan Filter Unit
  • RadiFan AC FFU combines a specially designed casing with a high performance A/C Fan and Aire- Plus’ unique HEPA/ULPA filter to bring top quality products to our customers.
Energy Saving Capabilities
  • RadiFan AC FFU adopts a single phase or 3-phase power, high efficiency, long life span free maintenance motor,
  • Provides an alternative pressure switch controller as well as an electronic commutating speed control. These controls would help decrease energy consumption which leads to higher costs efficiency.
Unique Design
  • Specially designed casing with a strong and sturdy structure prevents leakage and eliminates all FFUs resonant frequency when operating all at once.
  • Stainless steel casing allows users to clean with disinfectants. A pre filter can also be fitted based on requests.
Total Static Pressure
  • RadiFan AC FFU provides 50 to 150Pa of external static pressure under the rated airflow by adopting high Total static pressure fan unit integrated with low resistance RadiCel II HEPA/ULPA filter
Speed Monitoring System
  • RadiFan AC FFU comes with an alternative 5 steps speed controller and the latest EsiDrive II electronic monitoring control system.

RadiFan AC FFU Specification Table Beyond Expectation
(Results based on FibreGlass HEPA Filter)

Product 2×2 2×4 4×4
Dimensions (LxW) mm 575×575 575×1175 1175×1175
Height (mm) 250+25 (Inlet Ring) 275+25 (Inlet Ring) 310+25 (Inlet Ring)
Total Pressure (Pa) @0.45m/s 190 280 230
Energy Consumption (W) 70-90 130-150 228-255
Current (A) 0.32 – 0.41 0.59-0.68 1.06-1.20
Material Stainless Steel/ Aluminum/ Galvalume
Power Supply 220V 1PH 50/60Hz or 380V 3PH 50/60Hz
Optimal Temperature °C -25-40
Face Velocity (m/s) 0.3-0.5
Filter/Thickness Fibreglass / 69mm
Efficiency H13-U15
External Static Pressure (Pa) 90
Noise Level (dBA) 49-54 52-56
Weight (Kg) (for Galvalume) 15-18 23-27 37.5-40.5
Control System EsiDrive II
Optional Items On/Off Indicating Light/ DOP Injection Port/ DOP Sampling Port/ Pressure Test
Port/ Pressure Alarm